George works with us here at AAAP, a valued member of our very special team.  He has kindly shared his story about the journey of his beloved Apache.

“It took me around 10 years to get this vehicle.  I was looking for a particular model, but more importantly, an unmolested truck.  I really wanted one in its original clothing.  There are plenty of these trucks that have been given an “upgrade”, with a LS conversion, RHD with power steering and sports suspension set ups.  As cool as these trucks are, I wanted “old school”.

Affectionately known a Pat he is a 1959 3/4 tonne left hand drive, 235ci 6cyl manual transmission, step side pick up.  Pat still has the eight stud wheels and an eight foot bed.

With parts from AAAP I have begun the long road to restoring my truck.  Initially I got all the parts for a a tune up, just to see how it ran…it didn’t!  I found the fuel sender and 1/3 of the fuel line was blocked solid with something resembling honey.  I started by removing the fuel tank and cleaning it and the fuel line, then replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly, all on the shelf at AAAP.  Pat exploded into life.

Since then it has received a wiring upgrade with a Classic Update Loom Kit made by American Autowire, sourced from AAAP.  Out the outset wires were melted together and most of the fuses were missing.  I was pleasantly surprised when all the gauges and lights worked after the wiring upgrade.

Next on the agenda will be to replace the engine with a newly rebuilt 235.  I am looking forward to having my Apache on the road again, 60 years after rolling off the assembly line.”