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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 29 × 39 × 1.5 cm
Features and Benefits Fel-Pro gaskets offer 100% vehicle sealing with application-specific materials to give you sealing solutions with the performance and durability professionals trust
Features and Benefits Las juntas Fel-Pro ofrecen un sellado de vehículos al 100 % con materiales específicos a la aplicación para brindarle soluciones de sellado con el desempeño y durabilidad que confían los profesionales.
Features and Benefits Les joints Fel-Pro offrent une étanchéité complète du véhicule avec des matériaux propres à l’application pour vous offrir des solutions d’étanchéité avec la confiance des professionnels de la performance et de la durabilité
Features and Benefits Validated for fit, form, and function
Features and Benefits El juego de la tapa de distribución incluye las juntas y sellos necesarios para el trabajo de reemplazo de la cadena/correa del tiempo.
Features and Benefits Diseño especifico según la aplicación para garantizar un ajuste perfecto
Features and Benefits Diseñado y fabricado específicamente para el entorno de reparaciones
Features and Benefits Calidad insuperable en que puede confiar
Features and Benefits Validada en cuanto a forma, tamaño y función
Features and Benefits L’ensemble du couvercle du distributeur comprend les joints nécessaires pour le travail de remplacement de la chaîne ou courroie de distribution
Features and Benefits Conception propre aux applications pour garantir un ajustement parfait
Features and Benefits Conçu et fabriqué particulièrement pour l’environnement de réparation
Features and Benefits Qualité inégalée à laquelle vous pouvez faire confiance
Features and Benefits Validé pour l’ajustement, la forme et la fonction
Features and Benefits Timing cover set includes gaskets and seals necessary for timing chain/belt replacement job
Features and Benefits Application specific design to ensure a perfect fit
Features and Benefits Engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment
Features and Benefits Unsurpassed quality you can trust
Brand Description Moteur– Couvercle de distribution– Ensemble de joints d’étanchéité
Brand Description Juego de Junta para Cubierta de Sincronización de Motor
Brand Description Engine Timing Cover Gasket Set
Product Description FEL-PRO TCS 45554 Moteur– Couvercle de distribution– Ensemble de joints d’étanchéité
Product Description FEL-PRO TCS 45554 Juego de Junta para Cubierta de Sincronización de Motor
Product Description FEL-PRO TCS 45554 Engine Timing Cover Gasket Set
Short Description Timing Cover Gasket
Short Description (Spanish) Jta tapa dist
Short Description (French) Jnt couv. du distr.
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Hazardous Material No
Weight - Each (Gross Pounds) 0.3200
Height - Each (Inch) 0.6700
Length - Each (Inch) 17.2500
Width - Each (Inch) 12.2500
Life Cycle Status Available to Order
Life Cycle Status Description Available to Order - Part is released to customers for ordering.
Item Level GTIN 00084113659218
Quantity Per Application 1

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  • AM GENERAL HUMMER 97-01 (All) -
  • AM GENERAL HUMMER 95-96 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET B7 97-98 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET BLAZER 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET BLAZER 1994 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C10 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C10 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C1500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C1500 94-98 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C1500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C20 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C20 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C2500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C2500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C2500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C30 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C3500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C3500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET C3500HD 91-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET C3500HD 92-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET EXPRESS 2500 96-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET EXPRESS 3500 96-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET G20 83-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET G20 94-95 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET G30 83-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET G30 94-96 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K10 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K10 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K1500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K1500 94-98 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K1500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K20 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K20 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K2500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K2500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K2500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K30 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K3500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET K3500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET K5 BLAZER 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET P20 82-89 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET P30 82-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET P30 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET R10 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R10 SUBURBAN 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R1500 SUBURBAN 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R20 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R20 SUBURBAN 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R2500 1989 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R2500 SUBURBAN 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R30 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET R3500 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET TAHOE 95-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • CHEVROLET V10 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V10 SUBURBAN 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V1500 SUBURBAN 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V20 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V20 SUBURBAN 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V2500 SUBURBAN 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V30 87-88 (V8-6.2L) -
  • CHEVROLET V3500 89-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC B7 1997 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C1500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C1500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C1500 94-97 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C1500 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C1500 SUBURBAN 95-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C2500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C2500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C2500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C2500 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C2500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C3500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C3500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C3500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC C3500HD 91-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC C3500HD 92-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC G2500 83-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC G2500 94-95 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC G3500 83-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC G3500 94-96 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC JIMMY 82-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K1500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K1500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K1500 94-98 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC K1500 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K1500 SUBURBAN 95-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC K2500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K2500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K2500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC K2500 SUBURBAN 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K2500 SUBURBAN 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC K3500 82-86 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K3500 88-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC K3500 92-00 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC P2500 82-89 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC P3500 82-93 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC P3500 94-99 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC R1500 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC R1500 SUBURBAN 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC R2500 87-89 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC R2500 SUBURBAN 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC R3500 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC SAVANA 2500 96-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC SAVANA 3500 96-02 (V8-6.5L) -
  • GMC V1500 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC V1500 SUBURBAN 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC V2500 1987 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC V2500 SUBURBAN 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC V3500 87-91 (V8-6.2L) -
  • GMC YUKON 94-97 (V8-6.5L) -
  • HUMMER H1 02-04 (All) -
  • WORKHORSE FASTRACK FT1801 02-05 (V8-6.5L) -
  • WORKHORSE FASTRACK FT1802 02-03 (V8-6.5L) -


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